Daily Projects to start your Digital Career

Assess, develop, and certify your digital and employability skills while working remotely on real-world digital projects under the supervision of your potential future employer.

Join 32569+ interns who are strengthening their digital skills by practicing on daily projects.

We didn't reinvent the wheel, just the internship & apprenticeship

Work based projects provide an opportunity to apply theory and knowledge to help solve business issues.

Working closely with a company or organisation, you will draw on your leadership and analytical skills to help resolve a real-life problem, or investigate an area of interest. 

We are trusted by more than 200 mentors at global host companies and startups.

Our internship & Apprenticeship Preparation Programs

Passnumerix is a work-based learning platform that empowers global startups, and african students to collaborate on authentic industry projects, building career-ready skills and bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world experience.


Bring our internship and job placement service into your school or business

Unlock a world of digital opportunities for your institution or business by partnering with MyPassNumerix. We specialize in providing high-impact digital skills training and virtual internship opportunities that empowers students and employees to thrive in today’s digital landscape. 




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What they say

Success stories

"My PassNumerix has been a lifesaver for our company. Their talented and experienced interns have helped us stay on top of our marketing game, and their commitment to quality has resulted in significant growth for our business."
Nishi Asan
Marketing Manager Thro
"As a student, My PassNumerix has been invaluable in preparing me for the digital job market. Thanks to My PassNumerix, I secured multiple job offers upon graduation and feel confident in my ability to succeed in the digital landscape."
Nathalie A.
"I cannot recommend My PassNumerix highly enough. Their team of skilled interns has been an invaluable resource for us, and their innovative ideas and solutions have helped us stay ahead of the curve. They truly understand our business needs and have exceeded our expectations at every turn."
Anna Biasi
Ceo Alavie

During 2023 alone, our interns completed 15 354 outsourced digital micro-tasks and raised a substantial amount of $398,765 to fund 3,654 projects.

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Course and taskss

Learn the basics

Learn marketing basics with tailored courses and build an impresive portfolio real-world tasks .


Gain work experience

Work with a mentor at a host company for 3 months and gain the marketing experience you need to get hired.


Showcase your portfolio

All the projects you’re building are available on your profile and you can easily showcase them to a potential client or employer.

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Get paid

Get connected with clients and start getting paid for your marketing skills and experience.

For Business

Mentor or hire remote marketing talent

Get started, whether you’re a cash-constrained solopreneur, the owner of a mature company, or anything in between.

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Mentor marketing apprentices

Mentor vetted marketing and sales rep apprentices as they help grow your busness


Crowdsource simple didital marketing, E-com and sales tasks

Post quick and simple tasks to get done by emerging marketers.


Hire affordable marketing freelancers

Get connected with, manage, and pay vetted marketing freelancers.

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MyPassNumerix is an online platform that offers assessments, personalized training, and practical internship opportunities in international companies to develop your digital skills.

MyPassNumerix utilizes artificial intelligence to evaluate your digital skills, identify areas for improvement, and provide tailored training programs. You can also access virtual internships in international companies to apply your newly acquired skills in real-world scenarios.

MyPassNumerix covers a wide range of digital skills, including computer literacy, online communication, digital security, information research, content creation, and technical problem-solving.

MyPassNumerix is open to students, job seekers, and young professionals. Whether you want to enhance your digital skills to enter the job market, transition into the digital field, or upskill in your current career, MyPassNumerix can assist you.

To get started with MyPassNumerix, simply create an account on our online platform. You will then undergo a digital skills assessment and gain access to personalized training programs and practical internship opportunities.

By using MyPassNumerix, you will receive an accurate evaluation of your digital skills, access tailored training programs to address your specific areas for improvement, gain practical experience through virtual internships, and connect with international companies to expand your professional network.

The nature of internships offered by MyPassNumerix may vary in terms of remuneration, depending on the policies of the hosting companies. Some internships may offer financial compensation, while others may provide non-monetary benefits such as skill development and experience.

Yes, MyPassNumerix offers continuous support and guidance throughout the duration of internships. You will receive mentorship and personalized advice to maximize your internship experience and professional growth.

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