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Marketing Fundamentals: Introduction into Digital Marketing

What I will learn?

  • Enjoy the Complete Introduction into Digital Marketing, Social Media, & SEO for Beginners. HQ Voice Over. Animated Explainers Making Learning Easy & Fun.
  • Learn the Essentials about Product Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Growth Hacking, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing & More.
  • Learn the Process of Search Engine Optimisation. Start with Keywords Research. Continue with Content Creation. Accomplishing with Link Building Campaign.
  • Understand Why you Do Not Need Any Coding Skills to Create and Optimise your Website. Learn the Fundamentals about Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager.
  • Enjoy the Introduction into Copywriting, Content Writing & Content Marketing for Beginners. HQ Voice Over. Animated Explainers Making Learning Easy & Fun.
  • Our Course will Teach you Essential Fundamentals you Need To Know to Create Highly Persuasive Content from Scratch. Develop Creative Sales Techniques Today.
  • Even If you're a Complete Beginner, our Course Will Teach you All Essentials you Need to Know about Professional Copywriting and Psychology of Persuasion.
  • Learn AIDA. Understand the Essential Stages of the Customer Journey to Purchase - and How to Angle All your Content to Move Prospects Smoothly to the Sale.

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Material Includes

  • Hi and welcome to our introduction to the basics of Digital Marketing, Social Media, Copywriting, ChatGPT and SEO. Make sure you’re sitting comfortably, as you’re about to get a comprehensive overview of everything related to digital marketing. This Digital Marketing Course is filled with HQ animated explainers with HQ voice overs followed by interactive quizzes and practical writing assignments. Learning made fun and organic.
  • If you want to be successful online today, you need to have strong Digital marketing skills as internet business has never been more competitive. In this introduction, we’ll outline the basics of SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media and break each of these topics down, so you understand the most essential things you need to know. You’ll learn key tips for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram, Email, and Twitter Marketing, Growth Hacking, and so much more.
  • In this Digital Marketing Course for Beginners, we’ve outlined the most crucial pieces of information on the most important topics related to digital marketing, social media, and SEO. This is a core first step on your learning journey as it will help you to quickly lay down the foundations and is a great place to start if you want a career in digital marketing or want to be successful marketing online.
  • What is ChatGPT and how can ChatGPT benefit you?
  • ChatGPT is a cutting-edge language model powered by artificial intelligence. It's designed to understand and generate human-like text based on the input it receives. With ChatGPT, you can engage in natural language conversations and obtain detailed responses on a wide range of topics.
  • Digital Marketing:
  • Content Ideas: Generate fresh ideas for blog posts, social media posts, videos, and other content to keep your digital marketing efforts engaging and relevant.
  • Audience Engagement: Craft compelling and interactive content to drive engagement and interaction with your target audience.
  • Ad Copy: Generate persuasive ad copy for social media campaigns, Google Ads, and other advertising platforms to improve click-through rates and conversions.
  • Campaign Planning: Plan and strategize marketing campaigns by brainstorming taglines, slogans, and offers with ChatGPT's creative input.
  • Social Media:
  • Content Scheduling: Create a consistent posting schedule for social media platforms by generating content ideas and captions in advance.
  • Trend Analysis: Get insights into current trends and viral topics to tailor your social media content and stay relevant to your audience.
  • Hashtag Suggestions: Generate relevant and trending hashtags to expand the reach of your posts and improve discoverability.
  • Engagement Strategies: Discuss engagement strategies, comment responses, and community management approaches with ChatGPT.
  • Productivity:
  • Email Drafts: Draft professional and effective emails quickly by getting assistance with tone, language, and content structure.
  • Time Management: Get suggestions for prioritizing tasks, setting reminders, and managing your daily schedule more efficiently.
  • To-Do Lists: Organize and optimize your to-do lists by creating clear and actionable tasks with ChatGPT's help.
  • Research Assistance: Quickly gather relevant information and data for reports, presentations, and projects, saving you research time.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
  • Keyword Research: Generate keyword ideas for SEO optimization and content creation to improve search engine rankings.
  • Meta Descriptions: Craft compelling meta descriptions that entice users to click on your search results and drive more organic traffic.
  • Content Optimization: Get suggestions for optimizing on-page content, headings, and subheadings to improve search engine visibility.
  • Structured Data: Create structured data markup for rich snippets and enhanced search results, improving your website's visibility and click-through rates.
  • Copywriting:
  • Creative Copy: Generate attention-grabbing headlines, taglines, and opening sentences to captivate your audience's attention.
  • Sales Copy: Craft persuasive sales copy for product descriptions, landing pages, and email campaigns to boost conversions.
  • Editing Assistance: Receive suggestions for revising and improving your copy for clarity, coherence, and impact.
  • Writing Consistency: Maintain a consistent brand voice and style across various marketing materials with ChatGPT's help.
  • Email Marketing:
  • Engaging Subject Lines: Generate attention-grabbing subject lines that entice recipients to open your emails, increasing your email open rates.
  • Personalized Content: Create personalized email content tailored to each recipient's preferences and behavior, boosting engagement and click-through rates.
  • Segmentation Strategies: Discuss segmentation ideas with ChatGPT to ensure that your email list is categorized effectively for targeted campaigns.
  • A/B Testing Ideas: Brainstorm A/B testing variations for email campaigns, from email copy and images to CTAs and sender information.
  • Landing Page Optimization:
  • Compelling Headlines: Generate impactful headlines that communicate your value proposition and encourage visitors to stay on your landing page.
  • CTA Copy: Craft persuasive call-to-action (CTA) copy that encourages visitors to take the desired action, such as signing up or making a purchase.
  • Content Structure: Get suggestions for organizing your landing page content for easy readability and effective communication of key information.
  • Design Elements: Discuss design elements such as color choices, imagery, and layout to create a visually appealing and conversion-focused landing page.
  • Incorporating ChatGPT into your digital marketing toolkit can streamline your processes, enhance your content quality, and help you stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. With ChatGPT's assistance, you can enhance your email marketing campaigns by creating engaging and personalized content that resonates with your audience. Similarly, optimizing your landing pages becomes easier as you receive suggestions for effective copy, design, and layout elements to improve user engagement and conversion rates.
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Digital marketing is vital if you have a business or want to sell anything online. Even if you’re just looking to build profile, you need a strong internet presence, if you want people to know you exist. The purpose of Digital Marketing is to raise awareness, connect with people who are interested in what you’re offering, and persuade them to take actions you want. It uses digital forms of communication like the web, smartphones, social media platforms, and search engines, as a medium to reach potential customers.
  • Just like traditional marketing, digital marketing, is about finding prospective customers and broadcasting your message to them in the right place, in the right tone, and at the right time.
  • Digital Marketing has one major advantage over traditional marketing as you can use analytics tools to monitor your campaigns in real time, so you can swiftly adjust your approach. Typically, it would cost more and take longer to make these kinds of adjustments, but with Digital Marketing it’s easier to course correct than it would be if you had invested in a print ad.
  • What is Social Media?
  • Social Media is an umbrella term to describe online platforms focused on community-based communication, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Platforms like this use content sharing and post interaction, and most of there is content produced being from the users not the owners of the platform. Social media also includes curation sites such as wikis, as well as professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Due to the massive reach of Social Media, good social media marketing skills are now essential for anyone looking to attract the maximum number of customers online.
  • What is SEO?
  • SEO, or Search engine optimization, is the science of attracting specific types of traffic to a website using a search engine. To master SEO, you need to create high-value content with high authority backlinks and include keywords in that content that your ideal customers search for.
  • SEO is never a one size fits all solution, to be successful, you must take a bespoke approach. That means you need to optimise your site for the type of search engine you want it to rank highly on, like Google, Amazon, or Bing. SEO typically focuses on scoring highly organic search results, not paid or sponsored traffic, but you can also use it in paid ads, to maximise their reach.
  • As search engines attempt to give the most suitable answer to each person’s search query, you must ensure a search engine views your site as the most appropriate match.
  • Every search engine uses a different algorithm to determine what the best result to a search query is. This will include a combination of different factors, including the quality of your content and backlinks, how many visitors your site has, and your website’s speed and uptime.
  • Modern SEO is complex, and mastering it takes more than just getting the right meta tags. It includes understanding how rich snippets, video, and featured snippets work to enhance your rankings as well as the importance of voice search and Video SEO. If you want to be successful using Google Search, you also need to understand how Google Rank Brain scores your website and must optimise your site to score highly on Google’s algorithm.
  • Local SEO is also becoming more critical, and you will need to learn the basics of this, especially since nearly half of all Google searches now have a local intent. Near Me searches have grown even faster, exploding at a rate of 150% more than local searches alone.
  • Mastering SEO also includes understanding Technical SEO, which focuses on priming your website for crawling and indexing by search engines. It’s important you don’t neglect this aspect, as without it search engines will find it much more difficult to access, crawl, and index your website. As a result, you will rank much lower. The reason this process is referred to as “Technical SEO” is because it has nothing to do with promoting your website and or the type of SEO you include in your content.
  • How can Copywriting & Content Marketing benefit you?
  • From your sales pages to your press releases, video scripts, blog post headlines meta descriptions, and email campaigns to your Facebook posts and Press releases, knowing how to create great copy will help your marketing efforts enormously. When you learn how to do it right, you'll be able to get higher conversion rates on key pages, improve the structure of your blogs, get more engagement in social media, and have many more people share your content.
  • Most importantly of all, you'll be able to understand your customer’s needs, which will help you connect with your target audience much better. To create truly great copy, you first need to know your audience. You must understand what drives them, their hopes, dreams, thoughts, fears and desires.
  • Once you have this knowledge, you'll be able to write copy that immediately connects with the people you're trying to reach, because you'll be speaking their language. This will make all your content 100% more effective, and you'll find it easier to be able to get people to take the action you want.
  • Knowing how to write good copy is an essential marketing skill, that will help you boost your reach, sell more, and get more customer engagement. It will also make you much more employable, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 73% of employers want to hire people with strong writing skills.
  • How to create content for YouTube?
  • In this guide, you’ll learn how to plan content that appeals to your audience, how to shoot for success, and define your own unique content style. You’ll also discover some easy editing tricks that will polish up your videos to a professional looking standard.
  • You’ll learn…
  • How to plan for a perfect shoot
  • How to create a memorable video style
  • How to shoot great content that your viewers will love
  • How to easily edit your videos
  • How to choose the most effective equipment - and get it at the best price
  • And more tips and techniques to take your YouTube game up a notch
  • We’ve really passionate about helping our students produce great content for YouTube as we know this is the No1 essential key to success on the platform. No matter how great is your marketing, if your content sucks, you won’t get the viewers you deserve. With this essential guide, you’ll be able to quickly and inexpensively create amazing content that will score you the likes, shares, and comments you want.
  • All you need to get started is a willingness to learn and the ability to put our advice into practice - if you have this, we will help you do the rest! Remember, it may take a little bit of time and effort, but we know you can do this, and we’ve got you covered.
  • Why to focus on the first 15 seconds?
  • The first 15 seconds of your video is so important that YouTube even mentions this - because this is the make-or-break time period where your viewers will decide whether to continue watching or go elsewhere.
  • If you can wow viewers with an enticing first 15 seconds, chances are you’ll have hooked them in, and they’ll stay on to watch the rest of your content. Regardless of how much planning you intend to do, it’s always worthwhile thoroughly planning out this part of your video.
  • To create a truly great first 15 seconds, you first need a “hook”, which is something that will get people initially excited, so they want to stick around to watch what’s coming next. Think about your target viewer demographic when creating your hook, what is it they want to learn or find out about and how can you communicate that they’ll get this if they stick around?
  • How to use the YouTube Cards?
  • YouTube Cards allow you to add interactive elements to your content and this is an extremely useful feature if you’re looking to promote something. Cards can be used to get almost anything you can imagine in front of your audience, from your merchandise to your blog, as well as your other content, and playlists.
  • Viewers can see your YouTube Cards whether they are watching on a mobile device or on a desktop, and you should certainly make use of this feature, as Cards can give you a helpful boost, where you need it most.
  • How to find affordable high-performance equipment?
  • If you do want to invest in some equipment to shoot with, we’ll show you how to pick up an affordable, high-quality right that will take your YouTube content to the next level.
  • How to plan shooting?
  • Planning is also an important component when it comes to your actual video shoot. There are several elements you will need to prepare beforehand, from setting up your lighting to deciding on the camera angles you will be using in your video.
  • If you plan your shoot in advance and think ahead to the editing stage, you’ll save yourself a lot of editing time. You’ll also get a far better result when you actually hit the record button.
  • When you enrol, you also get:
  • Course Materials and Tuition Worth at Least $2.700 - you get it all - for a tiny fraction of the cost!!
  • Handy PDF & MP3 packed with useful and Extra Resources you can download from our Resource Centre
  • Interactive Quizzes & Writing Assignments
  • Lifetime access & Lifetime updates
  • Udemy certificate of completion - ready for download
  • 30-day money back guaranteed by Udemy
  • Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section - ask me a question anytime
  • We really hope you will love learning all about Digital Marketing!
  • We look forward to welcoming you on board as my newest student!
  • Yours
  • Ing. Tomas Moravek & Team
  • Internet Efficiency Awarded Digital Marketing Expert


  • An Internet Connection. No Previous Knowledge of Digital Marketing is Required at All. Only Determination and a Hunger to Learn. We will Teach you the Rest.


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