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Accelerate your growth with a team of 1-4 hyper qualified entry-level digital marketing & sales interns.
Mentor emerging a team of 1-4 digital marketing & sales representatives talent

our approach

A team of 1-4 hyper qualified Interns will work closely with you to strategise, plan and implement effective day to day activities in order to help build your email list, automate your marketing and boost your sales in no time.

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Why Become a Partnering Company?

As a partnering company with PassNumerix, you play a crucial role in preparing the next generation of digital professionals in Africa. You offer a tangible opportunity for young talents to apply their skills, gain practical work experience, and contribute to meaningful projects within your company. Your commitment also strengthens diversity and innovation in the digital field by providing a unique learning platform.

Benefits for Your Company

How Can PassNumerix Add Value to Your Company?

Inform us about your business, the marketing channels requiring assistance, and the tasks your apprentice will handle.

Team Enhancement

Host motivated interns who bring fresh ideas and innovative digital skills to your team

Mentoring Opportunity

Guide and shape the future pool of digital talents through a rewarding mentoring experience.

Contributing to Skill Development

Contribute to the growth of digital skills in Africa by participating in the preparation of future industry professionals.


Benefit from new perspectives and innovative ideas brought by interns, fostering innovation within your company.

Our services

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Brand Marketing

At PassNumerix, brand marketing is not just about showcasing our platform—it’s about connecting with aspirations, empowering young talents, and shaping the future of the digital landscape. Our brand marketing strategy revolves around creating a resonant and impactful narrative that captures the essence of our mission and the transformative experiences we offer.

Partnership and Collaboration

Our brand marketing extends to collaboration with like-minded organizations:

  • Educational Institutions: Partnering with schools and universities helps us reach aspiring digital professionals.
  • Nonprofit Organizations: NGOs and nonprofit organizations focused on youth development, education, and employment can help identify candidates who can benefit from our program.
  • Government Agencies: Government bodies involved in education, employment, and skill development can support our efforts by referring eligible candidates

Company Capabilities

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"Our partnership with PassNumerix has been truly transformative. The interns we've hosted through their program have shown impressive digital skills, enthusiasm, and adaptability. Their contributions have invigorated our team and added value to our projects.
PassNumerix's commitment to bridging the gap between learning and real-world experience is commendable. We look forward to a continued partnership that benefits both the interns and our company."
Sarah Thompson
CEO, TechConnect Solutions

Our Partnership Process


We assess your company to ensure it aligns with the PassNumerix program and our values.

Profile Creation

Once pre-qualified, we create a personalized company profile to showcase your values, projects, and internship opportunities.

Intern Selection

You have the opportunity to choose from a pool of qualified interns who best match your needs.

Onboarding and Supervision

Welcome the intern to your team, provide guidance and real responsibilities, all while contributing to their professional growth.

Start your next project with us.

Become a Partner

How to Become a Partner?

1. Submit a request

Become a member and let us know about your business, the marketing channels you need help with, and some of the work items your apprentice will be working on.


2. Get matched

In 1-5 business days, PassNumerix will match you with the right team of marketing & sales candidates—A team we’ve sourced, vetted, and know has the drive to learn and help grow your business.


3. Start your apprenticeship

For 3 months and 10 hours per week, your marketing apprentice team will help grow your business in exchange for 1–2 hours per week of mentorship from you.

Leads funnels

List Building

Marketing automation

sales growth

Boost your team where needed

Social Media
Paid Advertising
Content Marketing
Email Marketing

Search Ads
Graphic Design

Public Relations

Marketing Automation

Utilizing PassNumerix has been a tremendous growth driver for my business. It has empowered me to collaborate with exceptionally talented and ambitious individuals who are eager to learn and excited to apply their newfound skills to real-world business challenges. Additionally, it has provided me with the opportunity to evaluate potential team members through a trial period before making a long-term commitment to onboard them. PassNumerix has truly been a game-changer for my business.
David F.
United States
results and trust

clients feedback

A hidden gem of the internet that every small business owner should tap into. PassNumerix offers unparalleled global talent brimming with intelligence and ambition. Unlock the power of our platform and discover the perfect match for your business's success.
Nicole Asan
Unites States
An excellent asset for agency owners. Undoubtedly, the best method to discover fresh talent. I am extremely satisfied with PassNumerix.
Anna Tarine


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We verify our candidates so you don’t have to.

Navigating through profiles, arranging interviews, and assessing skill sets to find the perfect apprentice can be a time-consuming process. PassNumerix handles all of these tasks for you, streamlining the entire process. With us, all you need to do is submit your request, and we’ll take care of the rest. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding the right apprentice and let PassNumerix simplify the journey for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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PassNumerix is an online platform that offers assessments, personalized training, and practical internship opportunities in international companies to develop your digital skills.

PassNumerix utilizes artificial intelligence to evaluate your digital skills, identify areas for improvement, and provide tailored training programs. You can also access virtual internships in international companies to apply your newly acquired skills in real-world scenarios.

PassNumerix covers a wide range of digital skills, including computer literacy, online communication, digital security, information research, content creation, and technical problem-solving.

PassNumerix is open to students, job seekers, and young professionals. Whether you want to enhance your digital skills to enter the job market, transition into the digital field, or upskill in your current career, PassNumerix can assist you.

To get started with PassNumerix, simply create an account on our online platform. You will then undergo a digital skills assessment and gain access to personalized training programs and practical internship opportunities.

By using PassNumerix, you will receive an accurate evaluation of your digital skills, access tailored training programs to address your specific areas for improvement, gain practical experience through virtual internships, and connect with international companies to expand your professional network.

The nature of internships offered by PassNumerix may vary in terms of remuneration, depending on the policies of the hosting companies. Some internships may offer financial compensation, while others may provide non-monetary benefits such as skill development and experience.

Yes, PassNumerix offers continuous support and guidance throughout the duration of internships. You will receive mentorship and personalized advice to maximize your internship experience and professional growth.

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